Construction Law

Construction Law

Mechanics Liens and Construction Law

From the legal aspects of contractors bidding for building projects to a tradesman placing a mechanic’s lien on a property whose owner has not paid for services rendered, construction law covers a wide range of legal issues for builders and contractors. Drafting, reviewing, and revising contracts make up a large part of construction law. A construction lawyer must be familiar with general business law, employment and labor laws, and occupational health and safety laws. In some cases, environment law plays a role, as well.

What Does a Construction Law Attorney Do?

As an Illinois construction law attorney, I assist builders and contractors with issues related to bidding jobs, securing bonding and insurance, construction financing, real estate transactions, and drafting related contracts and agreements.

A construction lawyer can:

  • Advise regarding government inspections and permits
  • Advise regarding land and use zoning
  • Assess mechanic’s liens
  • Assist with construction defect and delay claims, concealed site condition claims, and cost disputes
  • Assist with construction financing documentation
  • Assist with securing licenses, bonding, sureties, guarantees, and/or insurance
  • Dispute resolution between parties involved in a construction project
  • Draft, review, explain, and/or revise construction contracts
  • Explain the laws of bidding and tendering
  • Protect your interests as a builder, contractor, general contractor, or purchaser or seller of real estate

About Mechanic’s Liens

When a contractor is not paid for services, he may place a mechanic’s lien on the property where services were rendered. The lien is intended to ensure that the contractor will be paid when the property is sold. However, all 50 states in the U.S. have varying compliance laws, in regards to mechanic’s liens. There is no guarantee that the contractor will receive the money owed to him when the property changes hands, unless the lien is in complete compliance. As a construction law attorney, I assist contractors in securing compliant liens so that when the time comes, they receive the money they are due.

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